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Progress Bars

[thm_progressbar][thm_bar style=”progress-bar-none” width=”90″] HTML [/thm_bar][thm_bar style=”progress-bar-success” width=”80″] CSS [/thm_bar][thm_bar style=”progress-bar-warning” width=”70″] Javascript [/thm_bar][thm_bar style=”progress-bar-info” width=”80″] WordPress [/thm_bar][thm_bar style=”progress-bar-danger” width=”90″] Joomla [/thm_bar][/thm_progressbar]

Get The Code

[thm_bar style="progress-bar-none" width="PROGRESS_PERCENT"] ADD_TITLE [/thm_bar]
[thm_bar style="progress-bar-success" width="PROGRESS_PERCENT"] ADD_TITLE [/thm_bar]
[thm_bar style="progress-bar-warning" width="80"] ADD_TITLE [/thm_bar]

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